How does ʻlittleʼ humankind relate to the immensity of the universe? Karl Van Welden also posed this question to other artists, each starting from their own discipline. This resulted in a side project, the development of the installation BOXES. He invited a number of artists to supply their own contents to a box they were allocated. At first glance every box functioned as a work in itself. Nonetheless, relationships were formed among them – on the one hand, because of a similar thematic approach; on the other hand, through collaboration during the work process. Karl Van Welden filled in one of the boxes himself, leading to the introduction of the PLUTO series.

BOXES: Stefaan Claeys | Wannes Gevaert | Ruben Machtelinckx | Ruben Van Eeckhout | Karl Van Welden

GHENT (BE) | Atelier 30
18-21, 26-29 March 2009 & 27-28 april & 11, 18, 19, 21, 25, 30 May 2009
Concept & sound: Karl Van Welden - Performers: Stefaan Claeys | Julie Descamps | Sieber Marly - Light design & operator: Jelle Moerman - Production: Verenigde Planeten / United Planets vzw & Atelier 30 | Supported by: The Provence of East-Flanders & The City of Ghent